Creating a Safe Haven for Residents is Vital


Whether developing a new build-to-sell or build-to-rent residential property, or refurbishing an existing one, it’s vital to recognise that a high-end security system is a basic amenity expected by many of today’s discerning renters and buyers.

For many, “safety” is synonymous with “home”; they want to be protected from the risk of theft, strangers in the building and disrespect of communal areas.

Many developers already use electronic access control (EAC) for the base building, with card access to the main door, car parks and shared facilities.

But access at the unit level is largely an afterthought, left to tenants who use mechanical locks that may be unchanged as occupants come and go.

Therefore, when selecting an access control system, it’s important to consider how it can incorporate wireless locking at the unit door, as well as integration with CCTV or intercom systems.

With a smart access control system, according to SALTO, a building can become thoroughly modern, completely keyless, highly secure and with all interaction managed via a single digital app.

Through property management system (PMS) integrations, the added ability for residents to remotely reserve common areas, check working space availability or register for fitness sessions differentiates premium properties from the rest.

For a relatively low cost, developers have the opportunity to make a great impact on the livability and security (and therefore desirability) of their development, while creating a sense of inclusiveness for all its community

▲ A modern security system will help developers to attract high-quality investors and residents.

SALTO offers such features as keyless access (residents can use their mobile phone or a PIN code as a credential); single system (residents have a single credential for every part of the property, inside and out, shared and private. The building manager has just one system to manage); and convenient security (through the app, residents can manage guest access, and building managers can allow access by trades and technicians. There’s no handing out and collecting of keys and cards and access can be controlled by area, date and time).

As well, it offers PMS integration, which delivers access control through a PMS. Residents use the same app for access, bookings, and all interaction with building management; remote management—the building manager does not need to be onsite to manage the building or grant access rights. They save time and money, especially if managing multiple properties; and visibility, with a clear audit trail of all access and attempted access.

These features, according to SALTO, translate into helping developers to attract high-quality investors and residents. They can position their development as offering an enhanced, hassle free, secure lifestyle for residents.

▲Residents want to live in a development that is a safe haven for them and enhances their lifestyle.

Here’s an example of how a modern system can deliver to users.

Jo lives in a newly developed premium building. She uses her mobile phone for all access —the front door, the car park, the lift, the gym, the parcel locker and her own apartment.

She loves the ease and simplicity of this as she’s unlikely to leave home without her phone, lose it or lend it to anyone. She has only to carry one item for all access.

At the weekend, she’s got friends coming over and wants to book the barbecue area on the roof top. She uses the facility booking app on her phone to check that it’s free and make the reservation.

Then she sends her friends a temporary access code, so they can enter the building and meet her at the barbecue area. Her guests don’t have to phone to let her know they’ve arrived and she doesn’t have to keep going to the front door to let people in.

Their visitor access only lets them into the designated area, and only for that one afternoon or evening. Building management have a record of who’s had access, to which areas, and when.

Residents want to live in a development that is a safe haven for them and enhances their lifestyle. With the right EAC throughout the building, developers can elevate their property to be the number one choice.

Cedric Duigou is a specialist in electronic access systems for hospitality and accommodation developments with SALTO Systems.

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